A Family Vacations



We had a wonderful time with Haley Bear on our vacation to Florida! When I told our kids she was going with us, our 8 year old was especially excited about it!

Haley Bear was a blessing to have with us. She traveled well and our boys each wanted her to sit next to them. She moved each stop we made. When we got to Orlando, we got checked in to the resort and unpacked. Haley Bear posed by the Towel Swans on the bed in one of the rooms. The cleaning ladies make all kinds of towel animals when they clean and set up the rooms!

Our first day was a Sunday so we went to church and relaxed for the rest of the day. The boys went swimming but Haley opted to take a nap with me. She wasn’t excited about going down to the pool because she is not a good swimmer

On Monday, we went to Disney. At Disney, they have named the areas of the parking lot with Disney characters. We parked in Mickey’s Stage parking lot. Haley and Christian helped us remember where the car was parked. Haley and the boys posed for a picture on the main street of Hollywood Studios in front of the BIG Sorcerer’s hat. They were all being kind of goofy. We also visited The Tower of Terror. We all had to hold on really tightly on that ride…the elevator that we were seat-belted into was a crazy ride…falling quickly and then rising quickly.  We all screamed a lot and were glad to finally arrive at the end all together and alive! It was thrilling!

The next stop was a roller coaster Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Outside of the coaster, there is decorative track that is over the walkway. On part of it, there is a car suspended overhead. We stopped so we could take a picture of the boys and Haley under the car. Don’t worry, it is all very safe!

There is a new Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios. It is a 3D simulatation ride. In it, you are in a Star Wars transporter. Each ride is different in that there are multiple beginning, middle and end parts. They are randomly put together, so no two rides will be exactly the same. Haley rode the first time, but the simulated ride must have made her a little dizzy because she opted to stay with me while the boys and Aaron rode it two more time! Haley and Christian got their picture taken with C3PO while in line for the ride, then with ethan and their 3D glasses. Outside the Star Wars gift shop, Haley posed for a picture with her and Justin’s new friend, an Ewok.




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