Bible Camp

Haley Bear traveled
with the Luna’s to Rogers, AR for a full week of overnight camp at Green Valley
Bible Camp in late July.
  This was a whole new experience!
And talk about Hot & Hilly!  The temperatures were in
the triple digits most of the week.

There was a lot of up and down hill walking
most of the day.
  Several of the activities were in the valley with cabins up steep
hills on both sides, and a ball field at the top of the highest
morning began with a devo at 7am and breakfast before returning to the cabins to
clean up for “cabin check” and class.

Bible class & application activities were
next followed by Bible Quiz, the
results of “cabin check”, and mail
call (lots of people had to sing for their mail).
  After a short break and lunch,
an hour of Nap Time became our favorite part of the day.
  The nap was much needed for the
Softball tournaments that followed every afternoon.
  Then there was an hour of swim
time alternated with tournament games which included: horse shoes, basketball,
BB guns/archery, and ping pong.
  Then back to the cabins to dress for dinner and worship to
special different evening activity each night (scavenger hunt, movie night,
talent night, etc) followed by a short devotional kept us up until 10:30 or 11pm
each night, so even though it was hot… you fell asleep as soon as your head hit
the pillow.
  The theme for the week was Above All Else.  Helping us focus on putting God
above all else makes it easier to make the choices/decisions we need to make in
our lives each day… from making time to read our Bibles to keeping ourselves
from letting our phones and social networking tools take over our
  It was
a remarkable week with a lot of smiles and very little complaining of the heat
& hills.
  Everyone was in the same sweaty boat… but what a beautiful
encouraging journey it was!
  The final day “All Star” softball games and evening
devotional by candlelight at the top of the highest hill made a wonderful close
to an awesome week
Above All
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