Missing Link Motorcycle Ride

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– If you’ve been in this community for long, you’ve likely heard of the case of the three missing women. The search has been unending since June 7, 1992.

Stacy McCall was 18 years old; her friend Suzie Streeter was 19; and Suzie’s mom, Sherill Levitt, was 47. All three disappeared after Stacy and Suzie graduated from Kickapoo High School, attended a party, and then went back to the home of Suzie and Sherill. No one has reported seeing them since.

Janet McCall (Stacy’s mother) started a nonprofit organization, One Missing Link, two years after the disappearance, trying to bring awareness to their case, and every case like it since. They also try to help others going through the same experience they had.

One Missing Link hosted a motorcycle fundraising event. The group rode to Branson’s Alexander Park.

All the money raised went to the efforts of One Missing Link to help find missing people and comfort their loved ones.

Haley Bear was honored to be part of this courageous organization’s event.

Thank you, Janette Willis, Captain Bill Theison and Robin Theison for taking Haley Bear on this adventure. She LOVES her patch and having her ear pierced!

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